Crossroads Christian Fellowship Baptist Church: Phoenix, AZ

Pastor Bryan L Uebel


Sunday School 9:30 am Sunday Service 10:45am Bible study 5:30 pm

Monday Women's Bible Study 10:00 am Wednesday Prayer meeting 6:00pm




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God bless

We will be having a new Bible study starting in a few weeks "Grace" taught by Joe Young

We have several prayer request

Our Missionaries Bill and Cindy have returned to the place all is fine Praise God

Martin came through his surgery fine and now is in rehab

Join us Sunday for worship 10:45 AM


more prayer request attached


Upcoming events

Free Acoustic music lessons This Sunday July 16th @ 5:00 PM



Crossroads Christian Fellowship

42425 N New River Rd

New River AZ85087


Prayer Request

How is your relationship with God?

Urgent prayer for Lena and Martin

Youth Program we need someone to step up

an awakening in our community
God's will for our church

Joe's Sunday School lessons I think this is one of the most powerful and important lessons we have heard in a long time.

Debbie Chance serious back problems

Georgia’s daughter Diana has auto immune

Georgia’s brother Richard congestive heart failure

Martin and Lena

Wanda Fluer has tumors

John Baxter diabetes and kindey function is down to 50%

Christine has auto immune disease she is 33

Joel and his wife Carol she is only 58 and is seriously ill

Don Cunningham has some procedures coming up

Becky Evilsizer has cancer

Remember Naaman’s cousin with cancer, Otis.

Christopher Lambertson has Lou Gehrig's

Mom's friend Judy had stroke is in the hospital

Hannah a 3rd grade girl at Lizzie's school has cancer

Shay and family Shay's sister Trudy has passed away

Stephanie having a rough pregnancy





God’s will for our church

Our Communities: have you prayed a circle around your area?

                              New River

                              Desert Hills

Remember all those who have raised their hands for prayer during our Sunday morning services

Gloria Weaver has unspoken prayer requests

Daryn and Brooklynn Sulzer

Marie Casto asked us to pray for Mary Reed

Tom Clark bad condition with cancer

Maria de Jesus Torres

Denise Fullman Walker’s sister

Joan Jarzynka



Home of Hope and Teen Challenge


Kiley’s brother need to be saved

Danielle G


Jamie’s family Skye, Ben


Danielle S

Danielle’s family Andrew, Samson and Jackson


Natasha’s 3 children






We also received several prayer requests during the women’s luncheon



Kerri Maeder stage 4 cancer

Isaiah & Jessica Hurd

Marco Sandoval

Robert Schollmeyer

Maryann & Eddie

Chad & Patyence

Nate & Corrine




Sarahbeth cancer

Stacy and family


Megan Cabanilla

Steve Castaneda & family

Pedro Castaneda

Teen Challenge

Danny Lee

Eric Sonerson

Andrew Kirby

Ethan Dillon

Ray Morgan

Kyle Fernandez

Taylor Sinclair

Jeremy Kinkhead